Investment firms and banks rely on accurate data and a keen observation of market conditions to make informed financial decisions.

But where and how do industry analysts source their information, and what kind of data helps investors gain insight and an edge to make sound investments?

Making sound investments is being able to see beyond stocks. It is analyzing the health of a company from all perspectives. At Liberty Metrics, we track announcements related to company performance (earnings and profits), filings, acquisitions, products and services (new, recalled and discontinued), career opportunities, hiring activity and company layoffs, employee reviews, articles, blogs and social media posts.

Liberty Metrics collects data related, but not limited to: Banking & Finance, Technology Companies, Travel & Tourism, Automotive, Real Estate, Media & Communications, and Utilities & Pipelines.

Liberty Metrics provides an accurate and timely synopsis of data so you can:

Receive steady corporate operational information to help make educated financial and investment decisions.

Respond to real-time changes and events in the market and prepare for buying, selling, and trading opportunities.

Identify potential opportunities and take immediate action to enter new markets.

Gain insight and understanding by focusing on key topics, current trends and industry sources you want to monitor.

At Liberty Metrics we don't just have clients. We have partnerships. We view your business as an extension of ours.

We tailor our technology to your business needs. We do it while maintaining a high level of respect and confidentiality for your business.

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