Investment firms and banks rely on large scale data initiatives to make keen observations of market conditions.

Making sound investments has evolved from the old days of analyzing stock performances. In todays market we need to dig deeper into where these numbers come from and analyzing should come from all perspectives.

Every industry and company is different and needs to be tracked differently. For instance, tracking social media user engagement in China is much different than tracking in the US. China has the ability to shut anything down they wish within minutes. In the US history is often available for months and sometimes years.

Company’s performance and direction can often be suggested based on the data they post. Depending on what you are looking for their are many clues you need to consider. For example: Career Opportunities or Job Postings, New Products, New Business Locations, Earnings and Profit Reports, Tax Filings, Acquisitions, Services (new, recalled and discontinued), Company Layoffs, Employee Reviews, Glassdoor Reviews, and Social Media Posting Frequency.

Liberty Metrics specializes in solutions for most industries but specializes in: Banking & Finance, Technology Companies, Travel & Tourism, Automotive, Real Estate, Media & Communications, and Utilities & Pipelines.

Liberty Metrics provides an accurate and timely synopsis of data so you can:

Receive steady corporate operational information to help make educated financial and investment decisions.

Respond to real-time changes and events in the market and prepare for buying, selling, and trading opportunities.

Identify potential opportunities and take immediate action to enter new markets.

Gain insight and understanding by focusing on key topics, current trends and industry sources you want to monitor.

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