We’re Liberty Metrics, an agile, innovative web data solutions provider that loves to learn, collaborate and create.

Our Story

Liberty Metrics was founded on two common principles; provide exceptional business value and deliver accurate, high quality data. We know our customers are not just looking for another data or list provider, they are looking for a company who understands their goals and is a trusted source of information. We believe in designing a model that’s flexible, adaptable and easy to understand. We also believe in forming and cultivating business relationships, after all, your business is an extension of ours.

What We Do

Liberty Metrics takes competitive intelligence to a new level by capturing real-time information and creating custom data reports that will help push your business to the forefront of its industry. We use sophisticated and secure mining technology to search, scan, extract and format real-time data into comprehensive customized reports.

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Our Culture

We are devoted to the open culture often associated with startups; everyone is a hands-on contributor sharing ideas, opinions and insight. Our office encourages positive interaction across all teams. After all, a successful company is one where employees support and encourage healthy business growth.

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Why Liberty Metrics?

At Liberty Metrics, we don’t just have clients. We have partnerships. We view your business as an extension of ours. Our dedicated team will work with your business to develop data solutions best-suited to your needs. We tailor our technology to your business’ data and report requirements. We deliver accurate results in the format that conforms to your database.

At Liberty Metrics, we invest in your business by providing confidential consultation with experienced analysts, one-on-one development resources, secure web extraction technology and complimentary 24-7 support. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver your unique custom data solution needs.

See What our Clients are Saying

  • ” LibertyMetrics has been very responsive to our needs and has become a valued partner. We previously did some of this work in house and by out sourcing it to LibertyMetrics we have freed up resources for other projects.”

  • “The team is always very helpful and quick to respond to issues or updates to the reports. Priced well.”

  • “With the data from Liberty metrics we were able to do higher level analysis regarding our pricing models and strategy”

  • “Professional and very easy to work with. They get the job done.”

At Liberty Metrics we don't just have clients. We have partnerships. We view your business as an extension of ours.

We tailor our technology to your business needs. We do it while maintaining a high level of respect and confidentiality for your business.

We value responsiveness, contact us now and we will reply within an hour.

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