Travel & Hospitality

Airlines and OTAs (online travel agencies) have built sophisticated pricing strategies based on travellers’ purchasing behaviors. These strategies help them not only maximize profit but to remain pricing competitive. Liberty Metrics designs innovative Hospitality Intelligence Solutions unique to hotel and airline businesses who are looking for accurate real-time competitor pricing.

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Ecommerce & Retail

Retail remains one of the most competitive markets in the world with new eCommerce businesses emerging daily like Google Shop and Amazon. Knowing your competitors’ pricing information is essential to remaining in business. Fortunately, the ability to instantly compare prices is only a click away. Liberty Metrics designs innovative Retail Intelligence Solutions for retail businesses to acquire product and pricing information on their competitors.

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You probably already have insights into your regional vehicle inventory. What about your competitors? Liberty Metrics designs innovative Automotive Intelligence Solutions enabling you to gain valuable insight to private and dealership data.

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Years ago, financial institutions – primarily online money sending services – didn’t have much competition. They set their fees and exchange rates knowing consumers would pay them. Those days are over thanks in part to competitive price monitoring. Liberty Metrics designs innovative Financial Services Intelligence Solutions that enable financial service organizations to monitor their competitors’ fees and exchange rates.

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Law & Legal

The legal industry remains one of the least digital industries in the world. Every minute a new case is opened with thousands of defendants scrambling to look for legal representation. Where do they go? How will they find you? The answer is simple…you go to them.

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Health Care & Pharmaceutical

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical professionals are joining the industry every day. New doctors and administrators are in demand and so is their contact information. Imagine you are in pharmaceutical sales, a prosthetic representative, or a data marketer, how do you find the right person to speak to you?

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Liberty Metrics builds custom web data extraction solutions. Learn more about the most common types of solutions we build and the ways they add business value.

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