Providing insight and improving business processes through web solutions


Our leading-edge quality assurance technology ensures data collected is clean and error free. We provide high quality data that is customized to your specificications.


We identify website changes in real time to ensure your data is delivered when you are expecting it.


We make the web data collection processs simple, convinent, and straightforward. We take your data requirements, capture the relevent content and provide quality customized results.


Save time and money by automating your data collection process. Minimize maintenance costs by eliminating the time-consuming process of manually researching and collecting data.


Liberty Metrics' web data solutions provide business value in a variety of different ways, select the most relevant solution to learn more.


Liberty Metrics' products provide business value across many industries, select your industry to learn more.

How Businesses Use Liberty Metrics

A company known as the nation’s largest retailer approached Liberty Metrics for a solution compare millions of product prices and out of stock items across the North America. ...

eCommerce & Retail - Competitive Intelligence & Pricing

A large North American retailer approached Liberty Metrics with a business challenge. They needed an automated online solution which compares prices across 20+ competitor sites. ...

eCommerce & Retail - Competitive Intelligence & Pricing

A company known for having more physical stores than any other pharmaceutical retailer approached Liberty Metrics for a solution to monitor competitor store locations across the Un ...

eCommerce & Retail - Competitor Store Location Intelligence

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