Competitive Intelligence & Pricing

We collect and analyse your competitor’s pricing and inventory, the data you need to make informed strategic pricing decisions to help you increase sales and market share.

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Enhanced Lead Generation

We provide enhanced lead information that will help your sales team target, identify and connect with highly relevant prospects. This allows your sales team to focus on closing deals rather than searching for leads.

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Web Scraping Services

Not sure what solution you need? We build customized web data scraping solutions specific to your business requirements. We collect data from any website, transform it into any format and deliver it on the schedule you need.

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Financial Market Research and Analysis

Making sound investments is analyzing the health of a company from all perspectives. We provide web data related to social media, company and employee reviews, and blogs which help investors gain an edge and make informed investment decisions.

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Website Content Aggregation and Automation

Collect and Merge high volumes of web content across from multiple sites with our scalable, customable web data scraping platform.

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Competitor Store Location Intelligence

We provide you with your competitor’s store locations, services offered, and operating hours as they change. This allows you strategically identify where to open your next store and monitor your competitive landscape.

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Products for Your Industry

Liberty Metrics builds customized solutions for all industries. Learn more about what we are doing for other organizations in our most commonly serviced industries.

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