Collect data from any website, in any language, from any country

Almost every organization is using some form of insights to make decisions. Whether you’re looking to collect data from one website or a hundred websites, our platform scales and is configured to collect exactly the data you need. Our team of experienced web scraping developers ensures your data acquisition is hassle free, making sure all of your requirements are met and that all of your questions are answered.

Worried about website changes? Reliability? We have you covered. Our industry leading quality assurance technology verifies all data is extracted as expected. If a website has changed our internal team is notified immediately and the affected agent is updated. Making sure your reports are delivered on time and accurate.

We stand by the accuracy and reliability of our web data scraping services, contact us today and ask about our obligation free proof of concept pilot or our complimentary sample extraction.

Our platform gracefully handles challenging web scraping scenarios such as scraping data from portals behind login and passwords, flash websites, ajax requests and many more.


Accurate All data we deliver goes through a five step QA process ensuring it is free of discrepancies, errors and missing information. All data is cleaned, formatted and securely delivered to your specifications.

Customized We provide exactly what you need. You choose the data requirements and we use our technical expertise to make it happen, keeping your life simple.

Reliable We deliver data when you need it. Our industry leading web scraping service provides maximum up-time, and our quality assurance platform ensures you get the data you need, when you need it.

Structured We provide data and reports in any format required. Common formats include Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, ACCESS, and web portal.

Flexible Collect data on any frequency, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, by the minute or on a customized schedule.

Scalable Whether you need 1,000,000 records of data from a single website or ten records from 1,000 websites. Our platform is highly optimized and capable of extracting millions of records of data an hour from virtually any number of websites.


Focus on your core business by leaving the technical aspects of content and data collection and aggregation to us

Save time and money by automating the content and data collection process. Say goodbye to the time-consuming process of manually researching, copying and pasting of information

Collect high volumes of current data in a fraction of the time

Ensure accuracy and integrity of the information collected by eliminating potential manual data entry errors

Minimize maintenance costs and data service interruptions using our advanced data quality assurance and quality of service technologies

At Liberty Metrics we don't just have clients. We have partnerships. We view your business as an extension of ours.

We tailor our technology to your business needs. We do it while maintaining a high level of respect and confidentiality for your business.

We value responsiveness, contact us now and we will reply within an hour.

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