Selecting the right location and knowing the physical locale of your competition are two of the most important contributing factors to the success and growth of your business.

Knowing information or intelligence about competitor’s locations, hours of operation, in store services, and changes is critical information to help determine if you should grow your locations.

We can tell you where new competitor stores are opened, providing valuable insight to potential market growth opportunities where competitor stores are closed or under-performing locations to avoid losses.

Common Data Points Store Name, Store URL, Store ID, Store Type, Address, City, Postal Code, Product Offerings, Hours, Latitude, and Longitude.

Advantages of Location Intelligence

Location intelligence is more than a visual mapping of your competitors. It is a strategic analytical system that can help maximize your business’ ability to generate greater profits.

What does this mean for your bottom line? With this type of information, you can:

Identify business growth opportunities with potentially profitable locations to open new retail stores.

Expand your client base by having valuable insight to your competitors’ services.

Optimize your productivity by tracking your competitors’ hours and pricing, and adjusting yours to ensure you are attracting new clients and not losing current customers to the competition.

Provide store managers with insight about local competitor locations, services and hours.

Strategize how to increase market share by identifying purchasing habits and customer needs, and modifying your business services accordingly

Save money and resources by identifying locations to avoid based on competitor store closings.

Report Features

Store Locations Complete list of all stores by region and country

New and Removed Locations List of new and discontinued store locations

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