To help small, medium and enterprise-sized online retailers learn more about their competition so they can sell more units, stay price-competitive, and increase margins against major online threats like Google Shopping and Amazon.com.

Customer Description

In the retail industry, staying competitive means having continuous knowledge of competitor’s prices, inventory, brands and promotions. The online retail market is very competitive.Google Shop and Amazon have mastered online eCommerce and typically sells their products quicker with faster shipping times. For retailers, knowledge of changes in the market landscape allows for quick and strategic action to better grow and protect their position in the market.

Customer Need

A large North American retailer approached Liberty Metrics with a business challenge. They needed an automated online solution which compares prices across 20+ competitor sites. Thankfully they had a SKU (stock keeping units) list, but manually checking prices daily was not sustainable and we need to find an alternative way.

Liberty Metrics Solution

We provided our client with a fully hosted solution with seamless integration via a feed. Within one day we were able to search over 50,000 products which would have taken months to do manually. Like clockwork, the file was delivered every morning with a detailed margin report. Our client was impressed with our reliability, attention to detail, high quality standards, and flexibility.


Our client have integrated our feeds directly into their pricing management system. Each day without fail their prices are automatically adjusted. Consumers are savvy and aren’t afraid to do research until they can find the best price. For our client, this is no longer a concern.

Measureable Results

Our web site monitoring and analysis tools help our clients increase profits by marking down certain overpriced products. We can scan and compare their product pricing and shipping times with those on amazon.com or other online retailers.

The Liberty Metrics Advantage

  • Advanced Technology: Liberty Metrics has the technology, tools, experience and reach to search your competitor’s web site(s) and collect any information you need. Such data can tell you how many vehicles are available and which type.
  • Customized Solution: If you need to collect information by a specific zip/postal code or region, our technology can be built for your needs. You can easily search for key product details, including product names, categories, prices, part numbers, descriptions, inventory levels and images.
  • Cost-effective: The investment needed to maintain an in-house team dedicated exclusively to data collection and analysis can be quite high. We are always learning from what we’ve done and improving the solution to help our customers save money and time.
  • Personalized Service: Customers get a project manager, an architect and a lead engineer who seek to add value to every step. We are versatile and build the solutions around customer needs as we go along. We can scale out for big projects in a short timeframe.
  • Fast and Reliable: We simplify the whole experience from beginning to end. We handle all the technology. People want to work with us because we offer reputable, reliable service that gives them a competitive advantage.

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