Our vehicle and parts pricing web data solution collects and delivers your competitor’s prices in real time, allowing you to keep your prices up-to-date and remain competitive.


Staying competitive in today’s highly aggressive marketplace is a costly and time-consuming process. Consumers have several options when sourcing new or used vehicle parts or tires with customer loyalty at an all-time low.

How We Solve it:

Our Custom Web Data solution collects and delivers your competitors’ prices and inventory in real-time, allowing you to keep your prices current and remain competitive. Our automated solution is configured specific to your products and target competitors.


  • Competitive edge
  • Maximize profits
  • Manage inventory against all competitors
  • Track promotions
  • Focus only on direct competitors
  • Focus on yield management, not data gathering
  • No internal resource costs

Report Types

  • Real-time competitor price comparisons
  • Real-time in stock or limited stock
  • Real-time product or brand gap analysis

Customizable Features

  • Target audience
  • Any common lead fields:
  • Country or geographic location
  • SKU or part number
  • Product brand
  • Description
  • Special features
  • Size/width/ratio/diameter/speed rating
  • Availability (in-stock, limited stock)
  • Reviews or ratings
  • Currency

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