Monitor real-time filing changes on

Liberty Metrics has built a customizable Web Scraping and Monitoring solution to track SEC and State level investment filing changes.

• Private fund name including legal full name
• Fund managers
• CRDs including fund manager signature pages
• Private fund identification number
• Filing dates
• All schedules
• All sections
• All DRPs including criminal DRPs
• Filter by specific answers to questions. Fund Managers

  • Delivery

    • Changes and updates delivered right to your mailbox daily. We can also provide a direct feed of changes to track history and updates.

  • Industry Leading Web Crawling Techniques

    • Liberty Metrics takes web crawling to a new level by capturing real-time information and creating custom data reports that will help push your business to the forefront of its industry. We use sophisticated and secure mining technology to search, scan, extract and format real-time data into comprehensive customized reports.

  • The Liberty Metrics Advantage

    • Experienced: Not only are we technologically savvy, but our subject matter experts talk to our customers in their own language because they have worked in their industry. They take the time to research and understand specifics.
    • Cost-effective: The investment needed to maintain an in-house team dedicated exclusively to data collection and analysis can be quite high. We are always learning from what we’ve done and improving the solution to help our customers save money and time.

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