In any sales industry, finding prospects via outbound lead generation is not easy. The goal is to find highly targeted leads in the following medical communities; Physicians, Dentists, Physicians, Hospital Administrators, C-level Executives, Clinical Engineers, Clinicians, Nurses, Technicians, Pharmacists and Office Managers.

Customer Need

A sales division within a large US pharmaceutical company approached Liberty Metrics looking for new ways of generating leads. Their current method was too generic with less than 1% conversion. The challenge is that the leads need to be directly linked to the type of healthcare plan the medical professional supports within a 10-mile radius of a specific zip code.

Liberty Metrics Solution

Liberty Metrics created a lead generation plan which included several layers of searches targeted at the demographics of the requirements. The first search focused on the specific healthcare plans such as BCBS, DHMO etc.. The second search targeted medical title, disciplines, and location.
Once all the information is a collected a filtering algorithm runs against the results removing any leads which doesn’t meet the requirements. Technically, the biggest challenge is trying to pin point the medical professionals location if the source doesn’t have a radius search available. Even if there isn’t, we can determine the leads longitude and latitude using geospatial technologies.


We provided the customer with over 10,000 highly targeted leads. This lead generation process can be run monthly as new contacts become available. The customer liked working with us because we are small and our service is fast and flexible.

Measureable Results

Over 25% conversion rate.

The Liberty Metrics Advantage

  • Experienced: Not only are we technologically savvy, but our subject matter experts talk to our customers in their own language because they have worked in their industry. They take the time to research and understand specifics.
  • Customizable: Typically, online travel agencies usually have a data set that they use for everyone. However, our clients are looking for a custom solution, and that is what we provide. Our technology provides data extraction agents that we build and customize according to customer requirements. Working with Liberty Metrics is painless and simple – and our customizable platform puts us ahead of our competitors.
  • Cost-effective: Every time we can work on the same website for more clients it expands our data set. We are always learning from what we’ve done and improving the solution to help our customers save money.
  • Personalized Service: Customers get a project manager, an architect and a lead engineer who seek to add value to every step. We are versatile and build the solutions around customer needs as we go along. We can scale out for big projects in a short timeframe.
  • Fast and Reliable: We simplify the whole experience from beginning to end. We handle all the technology. People want to work with us because we offer reputable, reliable service that gives them a competitive advantage.

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