Allow our client to remain competitive by providing daily exchange and fee pricing intelligence, as derived from their top three competitors.

Customer Description

The financial services industry is highly competitive. Money transfers have to take into account multi-currency exchange rates and varying fee amounts; even slight variations can equal thousands of dollars of lost or gained revenue.

Customer Need

A large online money transfer company sought to improve their standing and increase market share by ensuring their prices are, and remain, competitive. They approached Liberty Metrics to provide competitive insights and compare their prices against similar providers.

Liberty Metrics Solution

In order to track the wide range of pricing scenarios we needed to build a solution which recognizes the differences between:

• origin

• destination

• receiving options

• send amounts

• exchange rates

• Determine the delivery method for all this valuable data.

Making fast and accurate decisions in such a price and schedule-sensitive environment calls for real-time search and management of large amounts of information. Using our industry-leading Data Extractor and Analyzer tools, we created a fully customizable report to comparatively display and highlight changes for every international destination. To ensure time zone dependent information is accurately accounted for, the information is delivered sequentially via a Web Portal – which the client can access at any time.


Working closely with their Product and Pricing Expert, the client received a fully customized Web Portal with all their information neatly organized for easy navigation. Liberty Metrics delivered on time, on budget and on quality. We exceeded client expectations by providing the solution in two weeks within a fully functioning integrated solution.

Measureable Results

Our customizable, proven, Web Data Extractor has helped our clients increase revenue and ensure wire transfer prices remain competitive. Our client now has the edge on their competition they sought.

The Liberty Metrics Advantage

  • Customizable: If you need to collect information by a specific zip/postal code or region, our technology can be built for your needs. You can easily search for key product details, including product names, categories, prices, part numbers, descriptions, inventory levels and images.
  • Cost-effective: The investment needed to maintain an in-house team dedicated exclusively to data collection and analysis can be quite high. We are always learning from what we’ve done and improving the solution to help our customers save money and time.
  • Personalized Service: Customers get a project manager, an architect and a lead engineer who seek to add value to every step. We are versatile and build the solutions around customer needs as we go along. We can scale out for big projects in a short timeframe.
  • Fast and Reliable: We simplify the whole experience from beginning to end. We handle all the technology. People want to work with us because we offer reputable, reliable service that gives them a competitive advantage.

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