To help small and medium-size travel organizations learn more about their competition so they can offer their customers the best rates for any city or destination.

Customer Description

The travel and tourism industry is highly competitive and is subject to constant price fluctuations. Each travel destination offers several accommodation options and seasonal deals, with thousands of hotel and room variations. Whether you are an airline or car rental agency, competitive pricing and product availability is critical. Having continuous knowledge of their competitors’ price and product offerings, recognizing changes to the marketplace, and acting quickly but strategically are instrumental to the success of our customers.

Customer Need

A large travel agency approached us to provide competitive insights of other travel agencies and match prices with online travel agencies – to “scrape” travel prices from the Internet and compare. This was a first time experience for them. Their business challenge was to improve their competitive standing and increase market share by coming up with various pricing strategies. They needed to know about frequency and pricing scenarios – rooms, versus locations, versus peak travel period. In order to track the constant changes in hotel, room availability, prices, and seasonality, real time feeds were required.

Liberty Metrics Solution

The complexity of making fast and accurate decisions in such a price and schedule-sensitive environment calls for real time search and management of large amounts of data. Using our industry-leading data extractor and analyzer we created a fully customizable report to display the top hotels in every major North American city. The report is updated hourly to present future and current room availability and prices.


Working closely with their data expert, the customer received a fully customized, real-time report that transformed the data to exactly what they wanted. We exceeded the customer expectations by providing the data in real-time which was seamlessly integrated and constantly running. We delivered on time and they now have an edge on their competition.

Measureable Results

Our customizable, proven, web data extraction has helped our clients increase sales and ensure hotels are at their maximum occupancy during peak seasons.

The Liberty Metrics Advantage

  • Experienced: Not only are we technologically savvy, but our subject matter experts talk to our customers in their own language because they have worked in their industry. They take the time to research and understand specifics.
  • Customizable: Typically, online travel agencies usually have a data set that they use for everyone. However, our clients are looking for a custom solution, and that is what we provide. Our technology provides data extraction agents that we build and customize according to customer requirements. Working with Liberty Metrics is painless and simple – and our customizable platform puts us ahead of our competitors.
  • Cost-effective: Every time we can work on the same website for more clients it expands our data set. We are always learning from what we’ve done and improving the solution to help our customers save money.
  • Personalized Service: Customers get a project manager, an architect and a lead engineer who seek to add value to every step. We are versatile and build the solutions around customer needs as we go along. We can scale out for big projects in a short timeframe.
  • Fast and Reliable: We simplify the whole experience from beginning to end. We handle all the technology. People want to work with us because we offer reputable, reliable service that gives them a competitive advantage.

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